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About us

Our dynamic and forward-looking management team believe passionately that UK industry needs companies which lead the way in product development and more importantly, strive to do the right thing. We pride ourselves on the ethical way in which we choose to run our company.

One of the first UK companies to receive Good Business Charter accreditation.

Star Uretech are the first (and still only) resin supplier to commit to being a living wage employer.

We continue to make significant investment in product development and embrace new technologies.

We listen to our customers & utilise their experience and knowledge to develop our products.

Founder members of the FeRFA technical committee & BALI award winners.

First company to develop and patent polyaspartic technology in the resin surfacing industry.

Our green credentials include environmental innovation award winning products.

We provide honest, reliable technical support with an emphasis on promoting the right product for the right job, even if this is not one of our own products.

Star Uretech was formed in 2001 with an ambition to develop unique high performance, specialist urethane products which improved upon outdated, conventional technologies that often-suffered shortcomings. Our innovative products, technical development and commitment to customer service have secured our place as a market leader in several construction adhesives market sectors. A pioneer in ultra-low VOC, phthalate & solvent free systems, we continue to lead the way and develop our patented range of products to meet the most challenging requirements.

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Star Uretech's Trailer

Star Uretech have been formulating and manufacturing surfacing resins for over 20 years and our team includes several polyurethane chemists and experienced installers. In 2015 Star Uretech was taken over by a new management team that decided the current UK surfacing markets and products needed dramatic improvements if they were to continue to grow.

In December 2022 Star Uretech relocated to larger premises in Preston. Our chemists formulate all of our own products in our purpose-built laboratory which are then manufactured and distributed from our production and warehousing facility in Lancashire. Our in-house testing facility enables us to provide unmatched product testing, performance data and a guarantee that our products are of the very highest quality.

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Mark Almond - Star Uretech

Mark Almond

Managing Director


Mark has been at Star Uretech for over 15 years and is the driving force behind the company's ethical approach to business. After an incident involving burning soil Mark has been banned from entering the laboratory.

Kirstie Rawlinson - Star Uretech

Kirstie Rawlinson

Sales & Technology Director

Kirstie is responsible for the company's innovation and manages the products from initial concept to final application. Whilst Kirstie does have a desk, she is usually found inventing things in the laboratory, outside laying resin flooring or getting things from high places.

Belinda Garland - Star Uretech

Belinda Garland

Financial Manager


Belinda manages all the financial aspects of the business. It is difficult to elaborate more about her role however, Belinda is the one that tells us all we can't have any money. :(

Elizabeth Petter - Star Uretech

Elizabeth Petter

Operations Manager


Lizzie plans all the production, manages the stock levels, purchases all of our raw materials and oversees our ISO accreditation. This is why Lizzie is not allowed to be on holiday and occasionally makes screeching noises.

Wayne Harper - Star Uretech

Wayne Harper

Warehouse Manager


Wayne was recently promoted to Warehouse Manager and has excelled in this position. We assume his success is due to the time he spends talking on his phone and whilst we have no idea who he talks to our best guess is that it's the warehouse fairies.

Peter Hargreaves - Star Uretech

Peter Hargreaves

Development Chemist


Peter joined our team to work for Kirstie. Although it was not initially made clear, Kirstie, Peter and Jayne come as a package deal having worked together before. When not at work Peter can be found walking his Pumpkin. (It is a dog)

Jayne Rogers - Star Uretech

Jayne Rogers

Paul Cornall - Star Uretech

Paul Cornall

Andrew Houghton  - Star Uretech

Andrew Houghton

Senior Chemist


Jayne is not only a highly skilled chemist; she is also the poor soul that produces our product samples. She can often be found hiding in the dark corners of our warehouse singing a song about little boxes.

Works Manager


Paul manages all of our production and warehouse staff and is also our unofficial HR department. It has been rumoured that in 1974 Paul had a week's holiday but this has never been confirmed.

Production Operative


When not helping in the production department Andrew works closely with Wayne in the warehouse, picking and dispatching orders. Every time an order arrives on time and in perfect condition, this is the Hero we thank.



Toy Durability Analyst


Tetley is a recent addition to our team and has taken on the role of mental health enhancer. When any of us are having a bad day he provides free doggo kisses, fluffy strokes and sympathetic whimpers. Visitors can also enjoy his affection in return for treats.

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