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High Performance, resin bound surfacing


StarScape ULTRA is a high-performance, UV resistant, 100% aliphatic isocyanate adhesive used for decorative, resin bound aggregate surfacing applications.

A completed installation provides a highly durable, attractive alternative to traditional exterior flooring types such as paving, concrete, gravel and bituminous surfaces. StarScape ULTRA is a clear resin which is mixed with decorative aggregates and laid as a screed at varying depths depending on the base type and intended use of the completed surface.

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Incorporating the latest in polyurethane technology, StarScape ULTRA’s aliphatic formulation is unique and ensures a long-lasting installation that will not discolour or become brittle over time.

Click here to view our approved resin bound aggregate blends.

Click here to access the StarScape ULTRA knowledge base.

Why choose StarScape ULTRA?

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The experts - Star Uretech formulate, test, manufacture and supply all of our  own products. Unlike distributors that specialise in marketing, our expertise is in the products we supply.


High Strength - Excellent bond strength guarantees performance and longevity.

Fully Tested - Hundreds of tests over five years enable us to specify the performance level of specific aggregates and blends.

Moisture tolerance – Nitrogen blanketing & a unique formulation helps protect against whitening or blooming and removes the requirement to test the dew point.

UV Resistant - 100% UV Resistant, non-stabilised, aliphatic formulation ensures surface will not degrade or discolour.

SUDS Compatible - Measured, tested and highly porous aggregate blends allow for incorporation into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Low Maintenance – Easy to clean and resistant to plant growth.

Weather Resistant – Will not become brittle or crack in freezing temperatures.

Solvent Free - Does not contain any hazardous, flammable solvents.

Low Viscosity - Easy to mix, low viscosity formulation enables simple, easy trowel, error-free application.

Enhanced Deflection - Unique crack-resistant formulation combines the perfect balance of high strength with flexibility.

Chemical Resistant - Resistant to oils, brake fluid, diesel and pesticides.

Application Types

StarScape ULTRA is developed for use as a high performance, decorative paving system. Commonly used on driveways, pathways, patios, conservatory & pool surrounds, access roads and most domestic/commercial exterior surfacing applications.

There are a number of differing specifications for the use of StarScape ULTRA and these are defined by the desired end use. The construction of a footpath will typically require a less substantial base and a lower resin bound application depth than that of a surface which will receive vehicular traffic.

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StarScape ULTRA is commonly referred to as a ‘surface course’ which is a finishing layer applied over a base. The StarScape resin is mixed together with an approved blend of aggregates and this screed is then spread, levelled and compacted to create a hard wearing, decorative surface. The base course (typically permeable concrete or open-graded tarmacadam/bitmac) needs to be dry, solid and free from cracks or damage. As the resin is a screed laid at a minimum 18mm depth, 'edging' is required to contain the surfacing.

Click here to access the StarScape ULTRA knowledge base.

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