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Raised Access Flooring Pedestal Adhesive



Product Description

StarFix T-LOCK is an ultra-low VOC, solvent free, low viscosity, one component modified polyurethane specially formulated as a locking adhesive for pedestal screw threads. It is used in the access flooring industry on pedestal threads and is supplied in an ‘applicator bottle’. When cured, StarFix T-LOCK forms a hard film that ensures pedestal heads are secured.


Attributes and Benefits

    Solvent free formulation
     Does not contain hazardous chlorinated solvents like many competitor products

●    Superior adhesive properties
     More secure than using a locking ring which can vibrate free, actually ‘locks’ the head in place

●    Easy to use application
     Supplied in an applicator bottle with a spouted cap for easy use

    Cost effective formulation
     Low viscosity ensures minimal wastage and up to 60 pedestals can be locked with 1 bottle




StarFix T-LOCK is used straight from the special applicator bottle by pointing the tip towards the thread and gently squirting the product onto the thread. The product will flow along the thread and cure, locking the head to the thread.



StarFix T-LOCK is supplied as a 250g unit in a special applicator bottle with spouted cap.


Handling and Storage

StarFix T-LOCK should be stored in dry conditions between 5°C and 25°C. It is classified as harmful by inhalation and skin contact but is not considered hazardous for transportation. Good standards of industrial hygiene should be observed when handling the product.  The use of protective gloves is recommended and users should wear goggles if splashing during application is a possibility.

The recommendations made in the Health and Safety data sheet for this product should be observed at all times.  StarFix T-LOCK contains 4,4’-Diphenylmethane diisocyanate and the advice contained in the Star Uretech Health and Safety Data Sheet is of particular importance. Due to the extremely low vapour pressure of this product it is highly unlikely that the Working Exposure Limit (WEL) could ever be reached during normal use.


Technical Information

StarFix T-LOCK Table.JPG


The condition of this product will determine the required method of disposal. Used containers with fully cured product remaining around the edges or bottom of the container should have the hazard label removed or obscured before disposal as general building waste. Uncured/liquid product should be disposed of as hazardous waste.


Coverage Rates

When used correctly a typical rate of 40 to 60 pedestals per 250g unit should be expected.
(Please note that coverage rate may vary with different substrates and application methods).



The order reference for StarFix T-LOCK is SF- TLK-0.25-00-0. A full box consists of 64 units.


Download Documents

Please select a document to download:

    Technical Data Sheet

    VOCs (LEED and BREEAM Compliance)

    2021 Update - Platform Floors (Raised Access Floors) MOB PF2/SPU

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