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Toll Manufacture

Star Uretech have the capability to offer a bespoke toll manufacturing service of polyurethane based products ranging from a 1ltr bottle to IBC capacity. Our expert team of chemists can offer their wealth of experience of polyurethane product manufacture to advise or even formulate unique products. Our experienced production team will ensure your products are manufactured safely and consistently to a high quality. We manufacture according to ISO 9001 so you can be reassured of traceability of all our raw materials and processes.

Star Uretech have the processing ability to manufacture 1K formulated adhesives and surface coatings, 2K coatings systems and also elastomer resin blends. We can also undertake processes such as simple canning down or dilutions of raw materials. The majority of our products are polyurethane based but we are always interested in other chemistries and technologies so it would be worth talking to us, we might just be able to help!


We can also offer an own label service with your choice of company name and logo, and product data sheets with your details and company logo. Please contact us for more information.

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