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Raised Access Flooring Pedestal Adhesive


Raised Access Flooring Pedestal Adhesive
Raised Access Flooring Pedestal Adhesive

Product Description


StarFix TANKING has been designed specifically for use as an interior tanking membrane in access flooring installations. StarFix TANKING is a high performance, solvent free, low odour, liquid applied coating which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to produce a flexible and elastomeric waterproofing membrane.


Attributes and Benefits

    Superior waterproofing properties

       Impervious to moisture, can be used to protect sensitive areas e.g. data centres.

    Zero VOC content, solvent free, low odour formulation
One component product with no mixing required before use.

    High performance polyurethane based formulation, no tar or bitumen
Minimal hazard during application.

    Allows for a seamless application
Flexible formulation prevents cracking caused by movement in the substrate.

    Fully compatible with StarFix pedestal adhesives
Can used with all our full range of adhesives (PED, PED-PRO and PED-ULTRA).

●    Ease of use and application
Applied with either a brush or roller in 1 or 2 coats.




Internal tanking
StarFix TANKING can be used as a waterproofing membrane on most substrates including; concrete, felt, asphalt & bitumen, corrugated asbestos sheet, slates, tiles, brick, wood, glass, ferrous metals, lead and copper. 

Sub-Ground Structures
StarFix TANKING can be used to waterproof and protect sub-ground structures. If the structure is to be back filled, the coating thickness must be thick enough to resist penetration of sharp aggregates and scrim reinforcement is recommended.

Access Flooring & Data centres
StarFix TANKING can be used to waterproof and protect surfaces under access flooring and is commonly used to protect data centres and electrical equipment from sprinkler systems and other areas of potential water damage. StarFix TANKING should not be used to line ponds, swimming pools or domestic and potable water systems.


Proper preparation must be carried out to ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and free from loose and friable material. StarFix TANKING is a membrane coating, not a paint, and a higher film thickness (dft) is therefore necessary to achieve proper elastomeric performance. The minimum membrane thickness should be 1.0mm (1.3kg/m2) and this is achieved with the following considerations: -

    Two minimum 0.5mm applications will eliminate thin areas and pin holing, but will incur greater labour costs. 

    Care must be exercised to ensure that a second application takes place within 48 hrs to ensure good inter-coat              adhesion.

    A single minimum application of 1.0mm reduces labour costs and eliminates problems of over-coating within                   specified time limits, but care must be taken to ensure uniform film thickness and avoid pin-holing.

Expansion Joints & Live Cracks
Joints and cracks should be over-banded as follows. Clean surrounding surfaces. Where the joint sealant does not fill the joint, pour StarFix TANKING flush with the surface. Apply a coat of StarFix TANKING and whilst wet, embed 300mm wide strips of reinforcing scrim into the membrane, overlapping where necessary and avoiding creases. Overcoat immediately, extending at least 15mm either side. Bolt heads etc. should be given 2 coats before the general application.

Pedestals, Flashing, Valleys, Upstands etc.
StarFix TANKING is self-flashing and can be used to create upstands. In such cases the angle between the vertical and horizontal surfaces should be over-banded with 300mm scrim reinforcement. This should be embedded into the first coat as it is applied and rolled to prevent creases and bubbles. The scrim should be installed 150mm up the vertical and 150mm on the horizontal. Apply 2 coats of StarFix TANKING. Alternatively a cant strip or cover fillet can be installed at the vertical/horizontal joint in order to reduce the membrane stresses at a right angle.

Cementitious & Porous Surfaces
Allow at least 28 days drying time for new concrete. Remove all laitance, all loose and foreign material. All friable or dusting surfaces must be cleaned back to a firm base. Any plant or fungal growth should be removed completely. The application of a fungicidal wash is recommended if growth is excessive. For internal work no primer is necessary.

Metal. For ferrous metal substrates, remove any previously applied coatings, rust and scale by mechanical means, or wire brush if rust is only superficial. Apply one or two coats of StarFix TANKING. Do not apply to deeply rusted surfaces without first treating with anti-corrosive primer. Non-ferrous surfaces such as lead, copper, brass, stainless steel and sound galvanising should be cleaned and thoroughly degreased before application of StarFix TANKING. Damaged/rusted galvanised sheet should be treated as for ferrous substrates.

Metal Backed Flashing
New metal backed flashing strip may have residual silicone on the surface. Wash with high flash aromatic solvent. Allow to dry. Abrade the surface and apply StarFix TANKING.

Wooden Surfaces
Remove all paint and varnish to a clean and dust-free surface and apply StarFix TANKING directly to the wood, ensuring the surface is dry. Ensure that no silicone, stearate or other water repellent treatment has been previously applied.




StarFix TANKING is a single component product available in 20kg and 10kg tins.


Handling and Storage

StarFix TANKING should be stored in a covered area above 5°C and below 30°C and will have a shelf life of 6 months under these conditions. StarFix TANKING is not classified hazardous for transportation. Good standards of industrial hygiene should be observed when handling all components. The use of protective gloves is highly recommended and users should consider the use of goggles if splashing during use is a possibility. The recommendations made in the Health and Safety Data Sheet for this product should be observed at all times. StarFix TANKING contains small amounts of 4,4’-Diphenylmethane ¬diisocyanate and the advice contained in the Star Uretech Health and Safety Data Sheet is of particular importance.


Technical Information



The condition of this product will determine the required method of disposal. Used containers with fully cured product remaining around the edges or bottom of the container should have the hazard label removed or obscured before disposal as general building waste. Uncured/liquid product should be disposed of as hazardous waste.


Coverage Rates

When used correctly a minimum application rate of 7.7m² per 10.000kg unit should be expected. (A single coat @ 1.3kg/m² or two coats at 0.7kg/m². Please note that coverage rate may vary with different substrates and application methods).



The order references for StarFix TANKING are:

20kg Unit: SF-TKM-020-00-3
A full pallet consists of 33 x 20kg units.
(Est coverage: 507m²)


10kg Unit: SF-TKM-010-00-3.

A full pallet consists of 100 x 10kg units.

 (Est coverage: 769m²)


Download Documents

Please select a document to download:

    Technical Data Sheet

    Method Statement

    VOCs (LEED and BREEAM Compliance)

    2021 Update - Platform Floors (Raised Access Floors) MOB PF2/SPU

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