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Resin Surfacing


Decorative resin surfacing is a system in which decorative stones (the aggregates) are stuck to a surface (such as a path or a driveway) using an adhesive (the resin). The completed surface is highly decorative, hardwearing and provides an alternative to other traditional forms of external surfacing such as asphalt, concrete or block paving. There are two basic types of decorative resin surface (Bound and Bonded) and each type contains their own sub-categories.

Star Uretech formulate, test, manufacture and supply both resin bound and resin bonded systems however we do not install the systems. We are the experts at what we do and we leave the installations to our customers who are the experts at what they do.

Resin Bound and Resin Bonded

As a manufacturer we find that the terms 'bound' and 'bonded' can lead to confusion for both
installers and customers. When dealing with our customers we try to refer to a bound system as 'trowel applied' and a bonded system as 'coat and scatter'.


Resin Bound

Trowel Applied

Decorative aggregates are mixed with a resin and then trowel applied as a screed at a depth defined by the subbase and desired end use of the finished surface. When cured this creates a porous, smooth surface in which the stones are bound together by the clear resin.


Resin Bonded

Coat and Scatter

A thin layer of coloured resin is applied directly to the existing surface and then a decorative aggregate is scattered over the resin. When cured the aggregate is bonded to the surface, hiding the resin and resulting in a surface that looks like a loose gravel drive without the problems associated with loose aggregate such as aggregate migration, plant growth or trapped litter.

Bound Vs Bonded Table.png

Each system has it pro’s and con’s and these should always be taken into consideration before choosing one system over another. The StarScape range of products contains both bound and bonded surfacing resins and this allows us to view the systems without bias. Many manufacturers and installers only have access to one system and this often leads to a bias specification and the wrong type of system being used.

Typically trowel applied (Bound) systems are more expensive than coat and scatter (Bonded) systems and as such this leads some suppliers to promote the use of the trowel applied (Bound) products. The reality is that the best specification could be either or neither of these systems. Star Uretech view each installation on its own merits and specify accordingly, even if this means pointing a customer away from our own range of decorative surfacing resins.

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