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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Specification - Base course

The following diagram and charts detail the minimum substrate specifications based upon the base course and required end use. All StarScape ULTRA depths are shown for a typical 1mm to 3mm and 2mm to 5mm approved aggregate blend:

Resin bound driveway
Resin bound base buildup

The minimum application depths of the base layers and resin bound surface are dependant on the desired use of the surface. Please select an application type to view a table detailing each aspects minimum application depth:

A footpath or area which will NOT receive vehicular traffic.

Light vehicular traffic (Class A to B). Two typical cars.

Vehicular traffic (Class BE to C1). Two typical 4x4s.

Light turning traffic (Class A to B)

Vehicular traffic (<Class C1)

Mixed traffic (<Class BE)

Resin Bound Vehicle Classes
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