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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Specification - Topography

The topography refers to the natural and artificial features of the application area and should always be given consideration prior to installing a resin bound surface. Does the installation area have restricted access, slopes, steps, leaf-fall, drain covers or uncommon traffic?

Restricted Access

Does the installation area have restricted access? Working in enclosed areas (such as between a garage and garden wall) can prove tricky. It should be decided where the installation would begin and end and which areas of access will be affected. A mixing area should also be chosen ensuring there is adequate space for delivery of aggregate/resin pallets and protection for members of the public.


Any incline greater than 10% (5.71⁰) must feature a Silex anti-slip finish to the resin bound surface and the incorporation of a stabilisation grid should be given consideration for any inclines greater than 20% (11.3⁰). A resin bound surface is not ideal for inclines exceeding 30% (16.7⁰) and we recommend that consideration is given to the use of StarScape PRO resin bonded surfacing as this benefits from high friction surfacing properties.

Resin Bound Surfacing on slopes


If the area has steps which are to feature a resin bound surface then a non-slip nosing profile should be used.


If the area is surrounded by deciduous trees or shrubs then it should be noted that the resin surface may require a Silex anti-slip finish and protection from leaf-fall until fully cured.

Drains and Manholes

If the application area has pre-existing drains or manholes then these may need to be replaced with high strength polymer concrete drainage channels and suitable recessed cover, manholes.

Uncommon traffic

Whilst the completed area may appear to be used by a single, non-turning car any specification should be created around a ‘worst case scenario’. Is the area used by larger vehicles for turning? Do refuse collection vehicles access the area? Does a window cleaner park or turn a van around?

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