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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Materials - Aggregate Blending

To enhance the appearance and increase the overall matrix strength of a resin bound surface, aggregates of different strengths, sizes and colours are blended together. In order to achieve the optimum performance a blend should contain 25% or 50% of a small aggregate (maximum size 3mm) and 75% or 50% of a larger aggregate (maximum size 6mm).

Example 1 

50% (2 x 25kg bags/50kg) of a 1mm-3mm aggregate with 50% (2 x 25kg bags/50kg) of a 2mm-5mm aggregate.

Example 2 

25% (1 x 25kg bags/25kg) of a 1mm-3mm aggregate with 75% (3 x 25kg bags/75kg) of a 2mm-5mm aggregate.

In the installation process each kit of resin is mixed with 100kg of aggregate (4 x 25kg bags) and this can be four bags of a single aggregate or four bags of different aggregates however typically only two different aggregates are used.

Aggregate for a Resin Bound Surface
Resin bound aggregate close up
Resin Bound Aggregate particle under a microscope

The twenty-five approved blends in the StarScape range have been selected from over one hundred tested blends and are guaranteed to not just look great but also provide a consistent, high level of performance.

FeRFA Guidance

We are aware of some less scrupulous suppliers claiming that they sell a “FeRFA Compliant 7.5kg Resin Size”. This infers that FeRFA promote ‘compliant’ products and could suggest that they are members of FeRFA. The companies making these claims are NOT FeRFA members. As founding members of the FeRFA Resin bound technical committee, Star Uretech contributed significantly to the product testing and the content of the FeRFA guidance notes and FeRFA does not have either a ‘compliant kit size’ or state that a 7.5kg kit should be used. Despite being informed that their information is incorrect, no supplier making such claims have removed them.

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