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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Materials - Introduction

When selecting the aggregates to use in a resin bound system it is imperative that only approved, washed, dried, dust-free aggregates are considered. Standard aggregates (purchased from a builder’s merchant or garden centre) are not suitable for use with bound surfacing resins. There are several factors to consider before selecting the aggregates as each aggregate has its own unique properties:

StarScape ULTRA Resin Bound Aggregates


Complimenting surrounding areas is easy with over fifty aggregates & twenty-five approved blends.


Some aggregates are more than five times stronger than others.


Highly porous aggregate blends prevent water pooling and reduce the risk of flooding.

All of the StarScape aggregates and blends have been fully tested and come with a detailed performance guarantee which includes break force (N), deflection (mm), SG (kg/m³), porosity (Ltr/m²), hardness (Mohs) and resistance to smoothing (PSV). When used with StarScape ULTRA resin all of the aggregates and blends provide a 100% UV resistant finish.

StarScape ULTRA Resin Bound Coloured Aggregates

A list of the terms used can be found in the knowledge base glossary.

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