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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Preparation - Materials

Whilst it is impossible to plan for every scenario, it is advisable to have certain contingency plans in place prior to starting an installation. What will happen if it starts to rain? What will happen if a resin bucket is dropped? What will happen if the mixer breaks down? Things like having a secondary mixer and generator ‘or knowing where to hire them’ can help prevent costly problems and failed installations. 

The first task should be to confirm the required materials are all accounted for. The resin should be removed from the pallet and lined up so that each ‘A’ component (in a bottle/jerry can) is accompanied by a ‘B’ component (in a small plastic bucket).

The four 25kg bags required for each mix should be lined up with each kit of resin. This will typically (but not always) consist of three bags (75kg) of a large aggregate and one bag (25kg) of a smaller aggregate.

After the materials have been lined up they should be counted to ensure that there are the required materials for the calculated number of mixes.

StarScape ULTRA Resin Bound Surfacing
Resin Bound Mixing Area

A suitable mixing area should now be created. The mixing area should consist of a temporary gazebo under which the mixer (generator if required) and tools are stored. It must have a solid floor which is protected from spillages using a tarpaulin or plastic sheeting.

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