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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Preparation - Teamwork

A resin bound surface installation typically requires a minimum of three trained applicators however having a fourth applicator helps to ensure that the installation runs smoothly.


Mixer – This role encompasses filling the mixer with the aggregate and resin, timing the mix and distributing the mixed material into a wheelbarrow. It is essential that they keep the mixer clean as it is the main tool of their trade.

Spreader – The role of the stone spreader is to take the mixed material from the mixer and distribute it onto an area of the base next to the previous mix. This is then spread evenly using a spazzle or lute ready to be trowelled.

Troweller – The Troweller is responsible for levelling and smoothing the surface whilst ensuring the minimum application depth is maintained.

Support – It is always advisable to have a support role which can be filled by an untrained applicator. This takes the pressure off the skilled applicators, allows them to have breaks and can be the difference between a failed or successful mix.

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