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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Preparation - Installation Schedule

Planning a suitable works schedule is a vital aspect of installing a resin bound surface. The weather, temperature, material availability and access limitations all need to be taken into consideration.


Weather – A resin bound system must only be installed in dry weather with works planned around the weather forecast. The base on which the resin is to be installed must be completely dry and no installation should take place during or immediately after rainfall. Unlike inferior systems, StarScape ULTRA uses a combination of moisture scavengers, index balancing and proprietary technology to ensure that atmospheric moisture (commonly referred to as dew point) will not damage a StarScape ULTRA installation however if it begins to rain, work must immediately be stopped until both dry weather and a dry surface have returned. It should be noted that stopping an installation midway through will require a day-joint. This can be achieved by using a long straight edge to work up to (such as a piece of timber) and laying the resin up to this neat edge. Whilst the edge will be visible on the completed resin surface it will not look unsightly and allows for the possibility of incorporating a design feature.

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The worst-case scenario is that moisture is allowed to enter the mix. This can happen if the aggregate is allowed to get wet or moisture enters the mixer. Any mix which has even a small amount of water mixed into the resin may ultimately fail and should be discarded. In order to reduce the likelihood of rain effecting the installation it is good practice to erect a gazebo (a covered mixing area) and have a concrete tent which can be placed over the surface to protect it from sudden, small rain showers.

Resin Bound Install Protection Cover

Hot weather can also present issues for unprepared installers. In direct sunlight the temperature of the base on which the resin is being laid can be up to three times higher than the ambient temperature. This is particularly likely on darker surfaces such as tarmacadam. Higher temperatures of the base, resin or aggregate can greatly increase the rate of cure and reduce the working time of each mix. To help alleviate hot weather issues, work should be carried out early in the morning before temperatures have reached their height. Keep the stone and resin in a cool, shaded area. The ideal temperature for the installation of a StarScape ULTRA surface is between 10⁰C and 20⁰C. The minimum temperature should be no lower than 5⁰C whilst the maximum temperature should not exceed 30⁰C

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MaterialStarScape ULTRA is not only the first resin bound system that comes with guaranteed strength and performance values, it is also the only system to provide accurate coverage rates for each approved aggregate and blend. This allows for the installer to order the correct quantity of resin and aggregate for every job and reduce waste. In order to ensure materials are available on the selected installation date it is good practice to allow at least 5 working days from point of order to delivery. Whilst Star Uretech stock the entire range of StarScape resins and aggregates, in peak times we cannot guarantee immediate availability.

If the weather is dry and there is a secure, covered storage area, materials should be requested for delivery the day prior to installation. If secure, dry storage is not available then a pre-10am or timed delivery should be arranged for the installation date.

AccessBoth during and after the installation of a StarScape ULTRA surface consideration should be given to site access. The working area needs to be protected from traffic from the start of the installation to 24 hours after the installation is complete. This includes foot traffic (such as the Postman) and even pets (such as cats).

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