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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Installation - Completion

Once the installation is complete it is important to thoroughly clean the mixer and tools. To clean the mixer, you should use 25kg of a 6mm to 10mm angular stone (6mm to 10mm Black Basalt is ideal). Add the stone and 1kg of  StarScape SOLVENT to the mixer and leave this to mix for five minutes. The contents of the mixer are then dispensed back into the aggregate bag and left open but covered overnight. The solvent will evaporate and the stone can be used for cleaning again. Any remaining resin on the mixer is removed using a rag soaked in StarScape SOLVENT. Tools should be cleaned using a rag and StarScape SOLVENT.  If the mixer is cleaned regularly using this method, it will prevent the need to burn the resin from the inside of the mixer. The chemicals used in a bound surfacing resin should never be burned as they produce highly toxic compounds and carcinogens.

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