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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Installation - Mixing

Prior to starting any installation, the required materials should be checked and a mixing area created. The resin comes in two components and each kit should be mixed with four bags (4x25kg) of aggregate. The first job is to ensure the required materials are on site. Any materials being delivered to site should be checked and counted before accepting delivery.

Baron Forced Action Mixer

After the 60 seconds stop the mixer and pour the contents of the ‘A’ component over the aggregate. Set a timer for another 60 seconds and start the mixer. After the 60 seconds add the ‘B’ component and start a final timer countdown for 3 minutes (180 seconds). As soon as the countdown is complete the material must be emptied from the mixer to the lined wheelbarrow.

60 seconds      Mixing the aggregate
60 seconds      Mixing the aggregate and ‘A’ component
180 seconds    Mixing the aggregate and both resin components

5 Minutes total mix time

Resin Bound Mixing Timer
Microporous resin bound aggregate particle

From the moment that the ‘B’ component is added to the mixer the clock is ticking as it starts to react with the ‘A’ component and the curing process begins. Many systems require the resin components to be premixed with a drill and paddle however, StarScape ULTRA has been formulated to a specific viscosity which removes this requirement. When viewed under a microscope, many types of aggregate look like sponges with small holes around the surface. Allowing the ‘A’ component to coat the aggregate particles fills these voids creating a stronger overall matrix strength.

At least once every hour the mixer should be cleaned using rags and StarScape SOLVENT. This will remove any areas of built up fine particles and dust around the blades and prevent any build-up of cured resin on the mixer grills and outlet. It is essential that each mix is timed and consistently five minutes long in total. Undermixing can result in an uneven distribution of the resin (weak areas/whitening) whilst over mixing can grind the aggregate resulting in a dirty, discoloured mix.

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