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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Installation - Laying

The mixed material is discharged from the mixer and transported to the application surface using a lined wheelbarrow. The material is tipped from the wheelbarrow and spread evenly using a spazzle or lute to a depth of approximately three times the required finishing depth. The team member(s) responsible for trowel finishing the surface should instruct the spreader where the next mix should be distributed. Ideally each mix area will be marked out (Mix markers) and numbered.

Cleaning resin equipment

The Troweller should use a cloth soaked in StarScape SOLVENT to apply a light covering of solvent to the trowel. This helps the trowel glide over the resin and prevents the aggregate sticking to the trowel. The material should be spread, compacted and levelled to the required minimum application depth. Edges that will meet the next mix should be left raised, loose and ready to be feathered into the next mix. With a little practice, the process of mixing, spreading and trowelling will soon become synchronised and a continuous supply of material can be applied.

Laying a resin bound surface

It is important to understand that the installation of a resin bound surface is a highly skilled process and no resin bound system should be viewed as a DIY surfacing system. We highly recommend that our in-house product training course is attended prior to any installation commences. We can teach the best methods of using our products however this should not be viewed as a qualification or as providing the trainee with the skills required to provide services as a resin bound installer. We do not charge for our product training. It is also advisable to speak with an experienced installer and offer your services to attend one of their own installations. The resin bound market has numerous, highly experienced, skilled installers and many of these share guidance on a website called 'TalkResin'. At Star Uretech our product knowledge is unbeatable however the experience of a skilled installation team can prove to be invaluable.

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