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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Information - Chemical Resistance

StarScape ULTRA is designed to be used as a decorative, high performance exterior surface which is primarily installed on areas such as domestic driveways, carparks and pathways. It is essential that any product used does not deteriorate or discolour when in contact with substances commonly found in such locations. The following images show the affect that common substances (likely to contaminate an exterior surface) can have on the appearance of StarScape ULTRA.

Resin Bound Chemical Resistance

Method: These are extreme test conditions with each test block submerged for two x 24 hours, rinsed and dried.

Resin bound chemical testing

The chart below shows the effect that each chemical substance has on the strength and flexibility of a cured bound resin block. As with the appearance tests, the test methods are extreme with each block submerged in the substance for 2x24 hours before being rinsed and dried:

Resin bound chemical resistance

Simply pouring a substance over the surface and allowing it to drain through has a very negligible effect on the appearance, strength or flexibility and as such we have exaggerated the contamination to create a destructive test. Our in-depth testing of chemical resistance concludes that most common chemicals have a limited effect on the strength and flexibility of the surface however certain substances should be avoid or treated with caution.

Resin bound safe to use chemicals

As with any exterior surface, chemical spills or contamination should be immediately cleaned whilst wearing the correct personal protective equipment. In the event that a substance is spilled onto a resin bound surface, simply remove any excess with vermiculite, cloths or by using a plastic scrapper. The area should then be hosed down with plenty of water whilst being careful to avoid allowing the substance to enter water courses such as drains or rivers.

Cleaning: A StarScape ULTRA surface should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its attractive appearance and durability. To clean the surface, it should be swept with a soft bristle broom and soapy water. To remove more stubborn dirt, it may be necessary to use cleaning products however the use of abrasive pads and wire brushes should be avoided. Before using a cleaning product, a small, discrete test patch should be chosen for a trial before general use. Cleaning products should be biodegradable and flushed with clean water to reduce the risk of staining the resin. If a broom and cleaning product is insufficient to remove dirt then a cold-water power wash can be used. To power wash the surface, use only sufficient water pressure to remove dirt or contamination. Use cold water only with a fan jet, maintaining at least 300mm between the lance and the surface holding the lance at an approximately angle of 45⁰. Avoid concentration of the jet on one area by using a side-to-side sweeping motion.

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