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Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Resin Bound Knowledge Base

Information - Incline Course

An incline course is a slope that directs water away from drains and watercourses to a purpose built dry well or natural soakaway such as a garden or lawn. Without an incline course an ‘overlaid’ resin bound surface on a standard domestic driveway is unlikely to be SuDS compliant.

Incline courses are typically created by installing a SMA or concrete surface coat to the existing surface which must be undamaged, cleaned and primed. The surface coat is either raised in the centre or at one edge to direct water-flow to the soakaway. If the raised edge is against a wall or building it is important to ensure that no damp proofing courses are adversely affected and maintain a minimum of 150mm from the surface of the completed installation.

The minimum angle of the incline required to direct water flow is 0.7⁰ or a 40mm drop over the span of a 3-meter-wide driveway:

Primed base course

0.7⁰ to 1.0⁰ angled slope

3.5mm fall every 300mm

13mm fall every 1m

40mm fall every 3m

Maintain 150mm DPC

Resin Bound Incline Installation

A resin bound surface course is then applied over the incline course to return the surface to a level finish. The minimum specified resin depth should be installed on the highest edge of the incline course and get gradually deeper across the span of the installation area.

A three-meter-wide driveway would require the resin bound surface to be 20mm deep at the highest point of the incline course and 60mm deep at the lowest point of the incline course.

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